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Vastu Shastra.Not just science ...But the system that gives the experience of success, abundance and happiness. For all sites, used as a residential site, industrial site as well as the business site. Aditya Vastu ...A name to reckon with Vastu Shastra started its journey about two decades ago. Deep and detailed study of this ancient Shastra, helped us to guide numerous people owning residential, industrial, hotel, restaurants or business sites and to be a witness to their success. As a result, we could have a position of Trust in the minds of all these satisfied site owners. And our Director, Vastu Shastra specialist Mr Santosh Rathi, became a well-known personality in this field and the winner of the coveted Vastu Shastra Ratna prize. Aditya Group that started its activities through the well-known Educational coaching classes, and similarly, it made its mark in the field of Vastu Shastra too. Behind this achievement lies the honest yearning and self-confidence of highly educated Mr Santosh Rathi. As a result, with the blessings of the Vastu Devata, we are steadily progressing in this field. Mr Rathi wishes to the due credit of this progress to the satisfied clients whom he could advise. This has allowed Aditya Vastu to work in Pune city as also in the rural an urban areas of western Maharashtra and the satisfied site owners in all types of sites are our direct representatives.

Everyone feels that the godly endowment available abundantly in nature should be there on our site too. And hence the first step is Vastu Purush Pooja. Under the protective cover of this Devata, one can experience happiness, satisfaction and abundance. Once this step is taken, the evil spirits are automatically driven out of the Vastu. There are many social references to this Shastra in the Hindu religion. Any Vastu blessed by the Vastu Devata and developed as per the principles of Vastu Shastra is the abode of eternal happiness, peace, abundance, mental peace of the inmates, welcoming place for the educated experts, clients too. Such sites become the backbone of a peaceful society. And this is because of nothing else but the systematic applications of the Vastu Shastra Principles.

Our Values

The values that we stand by are Honesty, integrity and ethical dealing. We believe in complete satisfaction of our customer and therefore never compromise on the quality of services.

Our Mission

our mission is to provide convenience to our customer by resolving their problems. We want to free our client’s lives from evil and negativity.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet dynamic, we aim to globalize the principle of Vastu Shastra. And make every individual aware of it so they can make positive changes in their lives.

Importance of Vastu for Peace of Mind.

Many homeowners have lost their sleep and peace of mind due to flaws in their Vastu or home. Negative energies and sleeping directions are considered as important aspects in the Vastu Shastra. If these factors go wrong, it can affect one's health and peace of mind. Sleeping position is of utmost importance as this is the position in which we spend 8-10 hours. Our bed is surrounded by energies and if person sleeping on it faces wrong directions then he/she encounters undesirable results affecting their health and peace of mind. The position of our sleeping bed is of primary concern in incurring better peace of mind. This is the place that provides strength and enhances our decision making power.

Vastu for Love Energy

Vastu not only influences your peace of mind and health but also relations among the family members and your loved ones. Directions play a major role in an aura of emotions, tranquility and rest. The flaw in Vastu can lead to the disturbing ambiance at home, relations gradually starts losing its fizz and we face more problems in family matters. Vastu Shastra has answers to all these complexities. With minor changes, you can overcome the flaws and cease its effect in your life. Once you fix this you can completely harmonize the universal life force and promote the flow of warm energies.


Numerology is the art that studies the effect of numbers on people. It is a predictive science that analyzes the link between the numbers associated with your birthdate and even your name. This science reveals information about yourself that even you may be unaware of. Numerology finds its traces in history and has been used since then for divination purposes. Numerology helps you understand yourself better as it explains your core personality and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also gives you an insight into why you get along better with certain people and not so well with the others. Numerology encourages you to create a positive environment around you and warns you of certain hurdles in your life so that you are better prepared to face them. With numerology, you can also divine your future and carve a niche for yourself in the competitive world today.

Tarot Cards

The tarot or tarot cards are a deck of playing cards that many believe originated in Egypt. In the 18th century, they started to be used for divination. Like common playing cards, a deck of tarot cards consists of 4 suits. Each suit has 14 cards, 10 number cards from ace to 10 and four face cards. There is also a separate trump suit with 21 cards in it and a card called the fool. The tarot cards are used to gain insights into a person's past, present and future to a certain extent. The cards help you gain clarity and gain a new perspective on your life. The tarot can also help you identify the problematic aspects of your life and encourage you to improve it. Tarot cards give you the absolute truth about all aspects of your life inspire you to make your peace with them.

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What is a Pitrudosh?

Sometimes our ancestors do some mistakes in their life knowingly or unknowingly. If these mistakes reflect in our horoscope, it is called a Pitrudosh.