Electrolytic Iron Powder

Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of Electrolytic Iron Powder, Electrolytic Iron Flakes, Pre-Alloyed Powder, and Reduced Iron Powder that has varied applications in several industries. All the products are manufactured at the world-class production plant under strict supervision and stringent quality control.

IMP uses the process of electro deposition to produce high purity Electrolytic Iron Flakes. IMP deploys advanced refining technologies and employs a skillful workforce in the production of these high purity iron flakes. We produce high purity iron powders and flakes with various particle sizes, surface areas and morphologies by chemical, electrochemical or mechanical means.



ELECTRO-FINE is a special grade of high-purity electrolytic iron powders produced by IMP for various applications in foodindustry. It is highly pure, stable and plays important role in food fortification. IMP is already providing food grade Electro-Fine to all well-known companies across the world for food-fortification at very competitive prices since last over 20 years.

It has many benefits compared to other forms of iron

1. Purity: 99.5% ELECTRO FINE grade of electrolytic iron powder is one of the purest forms of iron with more than 99.5% of iron contents. It is produced through a complex electrochemical refining process, ensuring uniform chemical composition and tight particle size distributions. The high purity iron factor makes it suitable for applications in various industries.
2. Longer Shelf life IMP ensures the longevity of shelf life of ELECTRO-FINE, which is very much dependent on the packaging materials and conditions. We use advanced vacuum packing systems and thick food grade polybag to be maintaining the shelf life of the product. Further, the products are wrapped with HDPE bags to added safety.
3. Batch to batch consistency IMP maintains the consistency of Electro-fine iron powder in each batch. The raw materials come from sources that are stringently audited as per ISO standards and each raw material is tested and approved in order to ensure quality in the final end product & specifications.
4. Meets FCC Specifications FCC grade plays a vital role in today’s food and nutrition industry. Electro-fine iron powder from IMP has high purity & excellent bioavailability as compared to other iron forms. Usual issues found with iron forma are like oxidation, sensory problems, impact on color, taste & appearance are not seen with electro-fine iron powders produced by IMP.

5. 100% quality control IMP maintains standards and procedures to meet all the quality requirements. Proper systems and documentations are done to keep regulars checks at all the necessary points.Right from the selection and approval of the raw material to the final product, IMP takes strong measures to ensure quality.
6. Process Made under GMP & HACCP GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system to ensure that products meet food safety, quality, and legal requirements. The electro-fine iron powder is made under GMP and HACCP practices which plays an important role when it comes to food applications like food fortification and pharmaceutical application.
7. Capacity to supply in bulk IMP can provide bulk quantity of electro-fine iron powder with proper supply chain management and in quick time of requirement.
8. Controlled surface area The surface area is important in the iron powder manufacturing industry. Increasing the surface area of an iron powder generally increases the rate of a chemical reaction. So, IMP provide products with controlled surface area.
9. Certifications: This product is certified under ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001 and registered under FSSAI/REACH. It has also KOSHER & HALAL certifications.
10. RecommendedBy: WHO, GAIN, FFI, MI etc for food fortification
11. Customized solution IMP India even provides customized solution for electro-fine iron powder. With the help of our state of art facility and lab, we can provide electrolytic iron powder in customized quality and quantity as per your specific requirement. Having more than 40 years of experience and highly qualified R&D team, we can give you best solution at competitive rates.


  • Food Fortification
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Diamond Cutting Tools
  • Magnetic Wedges
  • Surface Coating
  • Water Remediation

All our products have a unique purity, densities, particle size distribution & mechanical properties to suite different needs of various applications.

The use of High Pure Electrolytic Iron Powder is of paramount importance in each applicable industry. The purity of electrolytic iron powder is derived from grades in both the annealed and un-annealed condition with particle sizes starting from 40 mesh to < 5 microns.