High Purity Iron Powder

Electrolytic iron powder is said to be the purest form of elemental iron powder with more than 99.9 % of iron contents. It is produced through the most stable and complex process of electrolysis to ensuring uniform chemistry and controlled particle size distributions. The high purity factor of this type of iron makes it suitable for different applications in various industries. High Purity Iron is mainly classified into high purity iron flakes and powders. High purity iron flakes are the most widely used type which is produced by electrolysis process where extremely controlled conditions are followed to make the purity up to 99.9% The electrolytic iron is considered to be ultra-high purity.

High purity electrolytic iron powder has become one of the most preferred elements in various industries. It is widely used in the Nutritional supplements, diamond cutting tools, pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetics, Oxygen Absorbers, Water remediation and other industrial applications, where the significance of high purity is highly accentuated. Apart from purity, other properties like its impurity profile, controlled particle size, excellent surface area, its shape, bioavailability, compressibility, surface area, etc. are the key factors that help the various applications to get the stability into their products.


Obtaining purity of an iron

To produce the extremely high purity iron, it is very important to get the control on various parameters throughout the process. Lots of major steps involved to gives the consistency in material

Grades Available For HIGH PURITY IRON

Based on the chemical and physical properties, there are differing types of electrolytic iron powders used for various purposes. The product ranges from 40 mesh,100 Mesh. 200 Mesh, 325 Mesh, 400 Mesh, 500 Mesh, EC10, EC10TR, etc with annealed and unannealed form. All these products have different density and purity to suit different needs of industries. This can be customized as per your customer's requirement.


  • Purity >99.9%
  • Production under ISO 22000
  • Available in different particles
  • Cost competitive
  • Higher shelf life
  • Available from small to bulk quantity

All our products have a unique purity, densities, particle size distribution & mechanical properties to suite different needs of various applications.

The use of High Pure Electrolytic Iron Powder is of paramount importance in each applicable industry. The purity of electrolytic iron powder is derived from grades in both the annealed and un-annealed condition with particle sizes starting from 40 mesh to < 5 microns.