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About Architecture

About Architecture

Pc Architect-2D is a Cad based Architectural Software developed by a Group of Architects based in Pune, Mumbai & Ahmedabad. Everybody now a days has One or the other Shortcuts developed at the smaller level; But Pc-Architect comes to you as a Total Solution which takes care of All the Requirements of a Design Studio on Cad software.PC Architect automates the drafting procedures in Cad giving you automated modules to place rooms, doors & windows along with the dimensions and the room text; simultaneously presenting dimensions in FPS and MKS.

Flexible Multi Purpose

Automatic Generation of Centreline / Faceline

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Centreline / Faceline

Automatic Generation of Centreline / Faceline

  • Genrates Centreline for more than 100 columns within seconds.
  • Revised Centreline also in seconds.
  • Place column of required size in CAD … Select all column. Centreline is generated.
  • No need of a skilled operator to draft a centreline. Utilize the design skills of an architect to full extent.
  • No need to waste his precious time in drafting centreline.
Flexible Multi Purpose Theme

Submission drawings & statements

The most time consuming & the critical element in a drawing Office is the Calculation & Presentation of Area Statements. Pc-Architect offers specific & neatly interlinked modules for

Built-up Area calculations


Plot area calculations


F. A. R. statements


Ground coverage


Balcony / Carpet Area statements


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Mr Patkar

“I Am Saying This Product For The Last 5 Years And Have Added Users As And When Required By My Organisation . I Find The Product Very Useful.”

Mr Venkatesh

“Wonderful Software ; Works Out Centerline In Seconds !! And Area Calulation Ststements Are Created Very Systematically And Presentation Is Good .Saves Enormous Time.”

Built up Area Statement

As you click on the areas on the key plan, it’s simultaneously generates statements alongside, eliminating the calculator, the text command and further calculations. The entire process is done precisely and speedily in the most presentable manner. This software helps you to plan areas and their presentations. This can be used on Autocad 2000 onwards & can improve tremendously the efficiency of your office.

Quick Generation of Section/Elevation

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Software can be implemented in 3/4 settings.

Plot Area Statement

  • After working on cad for so many years, do you still want to take 4 seconds for a centerline or take 8 to 10 hrs?
  • Do you still want to keep client at stake with human errors in centerline drafting or protect him with something foolproof?
  • Do you still prefer painstaking area calculations by calculator and then merely type them on Cad?
  • Do you still prefer reworking area calculations manually when plans change?
  • Do you like clients getting bugged due to delay in delivery?
  • Do you like a growing business?
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