Sales CRM

About CRM

While CRMs are meant to be user friendly and come with a great interface, their features are of prominence as well. A step-by-step detailed approach makes your CRM up to the mark.


Well, increasing customers is something every organization wishes to witness. With the leads section active, it becomes easier for the sales/marketing department to get on to new leads and convert them into customers. In the leads section one can fill in the details of the lead, his product niche, requirements and assigned participant who would be working on the conversions. After having assigned, this is also notified to the participant.


While discipline makes everything possible, we aim at making discipline simpler. With a facility where in your task list is made available to all the project members, it becomes easier for the member to manage the task with regards to completion. Project management being the game changer, task management definitely is a support.

Personalised Touch

Our CRMs are designed in a way where in a user gets a personalised touch which makes daily usage easier. With information managed and updated on an individual level and the user being addressed by his/her name gives a good experience.