Spiritual Vastu

We all have a place we call home, however, the house we live in is a complete reflection of how our lifestyle is. Depending on where we live, how our house is built, how it is designed and maintained etc. But very few of us know that our houses or infrastructures give off spiritual vibrations too. The design philosophy this system holds is deeply interwoven with the elements of space and time, Form and Rhythm, Cosmic Directions and Astronomy and at the top of all this, it has a spiritual approach to the designing philosophy itself.

The research, done on the relation between Vastu and Spirituality has proved that improving the spiritual vibrations of our home can make a great difference and bring in the positive results in our life such as mental peace, improved finances, harmony, and happiness. Spiritual Vastu Shastra says that there are different factors that result in the positive and negative vibrations of the premises of our infrastructure. The empty premises consists of three kinds of frequencies. The first kind of frequency is the one that is emitted b empty plot or space of your infrastructure. The second type consists of 360 frequencies that travel horizontal to the Earth region or to which we say "Bhulok". The third type of frequency is the kind that is emitted from thoughts of people living there, thoughts of people constructing the site and of those visiting the premises.

Vastu Shastra alone stands tall and apart and Vastu related to spirituality helps you establish your spiritual roots. Spritual Vastu Shastra is the oldest school of Architecture. The world is changing and with it, there is a renaissance of Sprituality in Vastu Shastra. According to the spiritual Vastu Shastra, there are a lot of factors that affect the vibrations of the premises. These are the following :

These Energies are as follow

  • Vibrations of the plot or land
  • Vibrations of the actual premises.
  • Distress experienced by those living in defective premises.

Spiritually speaking Vastu Shastra gives very useful advice on the choice of plot and architecture for the pleasant home. If there are a lot of corrections of problems in the Vastu, Vastu experts perform a spiritual cleaning of the home that gets the house rid of all the negativity. Spiritual Vastu reflects the harmony and peace in everyone residing in it. Spiritual Vastu brings the escalation of positive effects.