Consultation on small diseases and remedial mantras

Mr Santosh Rathi provides consulting solution on every small and big disease, he also provides holy mantras that needed to be recited with proper pronunciation to recover instantly. We also consult psychological disorders and provide remedies for the same.

Consultancy for the current structure.

We help you balance your home and office environment. Align celestial and earth energies using tools and technology. We correct Vastu defects with minimal changes in your space. If any on-going project is getting delayed unnecessarily and causing complications can be taken care of through perspective of Vastu Shastra and with remedial measures situation can be improved.

Consultancy for New Structures :

Helping you select a most favourable site for your home, office or plot. Planning and Designing of personalized schematic building and environmental design based on the requirement of the client. We also interact with your local architecture to create construction drawings.

Vastu consultation Service for :

Vastu consultancy for: home, office, shop, Factories, Hotels and farmhouses.

We also guide during your new buy of house, office, plots or any new property.

We provide complete solutions for business growth, study related issues and health problems.