Vastu For Commertial

We have seen and heard a lot about Vastu Shastra and it's importance in our residential place but very few people knows that Vastu Shastra is also practiced for the commercial places we have. Vastu Shastra when applied for our commercial places can give you very positive results in your business. Vastu tenets gives advices for the commercial spaces so that the owner meets the expected results in their business of earnings. Lets see some of the facts regarding this topic. Vastu is a huge topic and deals with a lot of different areas.

If you are deciding to make a commercial space for your business or infrastructure for your shop or hospital or institutions or any other place, there are few points that should be taken care of. The first thing that has to be taken care of is when you are looking for plot or land for your business Vastu Shastra says always buy Shermukhi plots. These plots are broader at the front and narrow at the end. One should also try to purchase a plot that is near to road and highly operational. According to Vastu Shastra one should always build the building that is facing north or north-northwest because this direction is believed to bring positivity and lot of luck.

Speaking of the main door of the building or we can say entrance of the building should always face east or north direction. Creation or designing anything that brings or creates obstacles in the main door or in front of main door should be strictly avoided. Welcome room of the business space or the sitting area must be located in the east direction or the north-northwest corner of the building or office. Keep the middle space or central part of the building empty. The room of the owner of the business should be in the south-southwest direction And the owner should he sitting facing north. Placing temples or Godís idols are strictly prohibited behind the owners seat.

Vastu Shastra also tells about the kind of background one should have and what kind of colour will be beneficial for ones business. Another fact in Vastu Shastra is there has to be a concrete wall behind the owners seat and nothing made up of glass. The table of owner must be rectangle. The staff of the company is suggested to sit facing north or east direction. Vastu Shastra also has some principles about the financial matters of the business. It states that the account department should be in the north direction and in the east zone. All the accountants must be placed here and all the records should be kept in central north or south west of the cabinet.