Vastu For Industrial

The Vastu Shastra also provides some principles for industrial spaces. Every business every space and there purpose needs a different Outlook and different principles that when analyzed and applied makes a positive effect altogether. Vastu Shastra for the industrial spaces has different set of principles which are to be considered during and after construction of the infrastructure. These set of principles when applied gives the best result to the growth of the industry and also produces many other positive conclusions.

Let us some of the principles for the industrial spaces from Vastu Shastra. The internal arrangement of the building must be in such away that the sitting area or the arrangement of sitting should be in such a way that people sitting there must be should face either north or east and sitting arrangement must be in the south west direction. Accounts, computers etc must be facing north and must be placed on southeast, east or north region. The main door of the industry must be facing north east, southeast and Northwest regions. The industrial must and must have a compound wall that is the very basic and important principle.

To gain excellent profits the doors of the industry must face north, east or north east direction. The entrance door of the industrial spaces has to be of greater size to welcome all to greatness, is the logic behind this principle. To experience the prime benefit the company must have the doors on the two sides. These two doors must be in north, east, north east or north west side. The products that are finished on the factory must be taken from the door present in the north east direction. This will ensure the quick sale of the finished product and increase in trade.

Vastu says the south and west area of the must never be kept empty or vacant. Storeroom of the industrial also has a special importance and according to the Vastu Shastra the store room must be in the south or west direction. The storeroom may extend from South towards the west. This will provide great assistance for a continuous flow of goods.