Vastu For Residential

As per the Vastu a building or it's premises is a living organism and can be designed in a complete resonance with the highlighting structure of the universe. Such a building or premises becomes a generator of coherence, attuning the occupants to the iniversal laws and growth in the wealth health and well-being. Even the might temple of Tirupati Balaji temple has been constructed according the Vastu Shastra. The temple is also found adhering to the principles of Vastu shilpa Shastra. It's prosperity legendry thanks mainly to the exemplary implementation of the principles of Vastu Shastra. Not just India there are other developing countries that are following these principles of Vastu Shastra. One such country that follows the Vastu Shastra is Japan. Vastu Shastra has reason behind the great debelopemnt Japan has achieved. Residentially or area wise speaking Japan is a small country but has tremendously grown over the years. It has a large water-body. The Pacific ocean in it's north east direction. The Eastern side of Japan is wide and open. This Japan is fully benefited by Ray's of the sun. However this gives Japan a fully fledged benefits of Vastu and made this country rich and prosperous. With all the positive results Japan also faces the negative reflection of Vastu Shastra. Japan has sea in southeast and south which is place of fire, this is the reason Japan has faced the attacks of atom bombs, explosion and earthquakes.

Prosperities of countries like London and America has reason behinds it's prosperity. London is ideally situated according to the principles of the Vastu Shastra. Now looking at the map of America one can see that the country is more located on the east side than west which cording to the Vastu Shastra is auspicious direction and brings fruitful results to the residential. Speaking about one more city that is surrounded by water is our very own Mumbai. Mumbai is a rich port and has a water body on it's north east. Which brings lot of benefits to the residential. The reason behind the spirituality of India is also Vastu Shastra. All the major rivers in India are flowing towards east and this is reason why India is so spiritual. All these factors prove the roots of Vastu more strong.