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About Apohan

Apohan is a corporate development consultancy in Pune, India, established on 9th Nov 2018. Here, weakened businesses or companies get a path to grow & develop their own. We bring our expertise and integrity to your business, to help you achieve the best outcomes in the shortest time frames.

We serve various types of clients at each stage of their development journey. We have young and experienced team professionals.
We work for various types of clients, at each stage of their journey. We provide clarity in vision and execution of every project. We provide strategic consulting & implementation services to companies & organisations regarding business growth, business stability, business sustainability, business departmental structures & policies, greenfield & brownfield project development, business restructuring, key decisions such as major financing, investment etc. We also provide turnkey start-up services to aspirant entrepreneurs.

We are not just service providers to our clients, we are trusted business advisors. We believe in being efficient to add value to every business.


Mr. Arun Joshi

Chairman’s message

Dear all,
Welcome to Apohan!
We all know that India is growing rapidly in various factors like technology, economics, finance etc. Hence, various companies are lacking knowledge about such factors. Our aim at Apohan is to help our clients meet their goals in a minimum amount of time.
Our Moto is –

सर्वस्य च अहम् हृदि संनिविष्ट: मत्तः स्मृति: ज्ञानम् अपोहनम् च । वेदै: च सर्वै: अहम् एव वेद्यः वेदान्तकृत् वेदवित् एव च अहम्॥
Our company has recently been incorporated and we have received various projects from different companies in a very short period of time. Concentrating on the companies’ requirements, we stay focused on the projects until they are executed completely.
We train our employees in such a manner that they can handle all types of work by themselves. We ensure that our clients get quality results in a minimum amount of time.
On behalf of our board of directors, I would like to express my gratitude towards our staff members and stakeholders who have been a major part of our accomplishments. We are all aware of the importance of working together to achieve the desired results.