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What is mission Eco Bharat?

Many of our people have been disturbed by today’s Modernization, reason being where ever Modernization is happening, we are facing biggest problem in the form of pollution which is effecting our health and environment. It is not that man has been living on this earth for a few thousand years, if the scientists believe, then man has been living his life on this earth for many millions of years. If we are facing problems due to the modernization of these few years. Aren’t these problems have not occurred on those old days? Did they take any resolution steps on those days? Surely they might have handled those situations. In fact, those people have taken into account all these solutions and developed a Village System in which Mother Nature was given priority and the method of living in nature was their preference. When we gradually went away from heritage of our ancestors, we have forgotten that natural spiritual life style. Due to the poison of modernization we are leading an unnatural and momentary life style. In order to free from the curse of Modernization The establishment of ‘Mission Eco Bharat’ * is done by Acharya Shri Rudragupta Padacharyaji *, in which our basic purpose is to restore natural life in our day to day routine.

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We are trying to show our 3,000-year-old ancient India in this mission.

The specialty of this Eco Bharat mission

  • Richest culture
  • Richest moral values
  • Vedic Gurukul system
  • Natural Organic Farming
  • All types of pollution free village.

The greatness of this village is:

  • It is completely depending up on our Mother Nature.
  • We will be using Natural farming at this village.
  • We will make Biggest, Highly Knowledgeable Ayurvedic and Panchagavya Hospital.
  • Under Ayurvedic specialization we will try to run Ayurvedic University also and want to create Ayurvedic research parks.
  • We will be establishing a large library of our ancient Indian philosophy and culture.
  • Eco friendly cooking system will be used at this place.
  • The construction of this model village is based on our foul proof long lasting ancient architectural techniques.
  • Biggest yoga and Meditation Kendra will be there like our ancient India.
  • This model village is a presentation our Ancient Vedic Indian knowledge combined with our modern science in proper form.
आचार्य महंत श्री रूद्रगुप्तपादाचार्य

आचार्य महंत श्री रूद्रगुप्तपादाचार्य का परिचय:

आपका जन्म सीतारामपुरम (सिकंदराबाद) के एक सामान्य परिवार में श्रीबालमुकुंदजीके पोते श्रीमांगीलालजीके बेटे श्रीरघुनाथजीके घर पर उनके बेटे के रूप में अंग्रेजी तिथि १/११/१९८० को दोपहर २:४५ को हुआ था।

माता पिता के प्यार ने आपको प्यारेलाल नाम से पुकारा जो गुरु दीक्षा के बाद गुरुदेव ने बदलकर रुद्र कर दिया।

आप बचपन से ही बड़े आध्यात्मिक प्रवृत्ति के व्यक्तित्व से संपन्न रहे है। जब आप की आयु 8 वर्ष की थी उस समय की एक घटना ऐसी हुई कि आप रात के 3:00 बजे ही उठ जाते थे और न जाने वह कौन सी शक्ति होती थी जिस कारण आप अपने पूर्व जन्म के संस्कारों के कारण भगवान गोपाल कृष्ण की पूजा में लग जाते थे जिसे देख कर आप की माताश्री भी आश्चर्यचकित रह जाती थी। …

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