The Construction Industry has transformed drastically encountering endless innovations by indigenous industry players and huge investments made by national as well as international companies. An exponential growth of 30% is annually driven by the construction industry making it a self-sufficient segment causing economic development. Indian companies providing construction equipment manufacturing solutions are better than other countries as they are cost-effective and better in support and reach. One of the prominent players providing stellar Construction Equipment Solutions to the construction industry is Sprint Consys Pvt. Ltd. Some incredible pieces of equipment manufactured by Sprint have been a total game-changer for the construction industry.

  • SIMBA Ultra

A revolutionary product used for the upgradation of a concrete batching control panel having the facility and capacity of batch printing as well as animated GUI Screen. SIMBA Ultra manufactured by Sprint comes with auto batch correction. It is also equipped with USB storage and a print from PC software which is beneficial for online printing. It has 4 Aggregate, 3 Cement, 2 Water, and 2 Admix channel.

  • Hydraun Smart

Sprint’s Hydraun Smart is a weigh batching system miraculously designed to facilitate hydraulic power equipments like a loader, evacuator, dumper, or a transit mixer. It basically determines the weight being lifted by monitoring and measuring the changes in the pressure in lifting hydraulic pistons. It is used for self-loading mixer having a facility of 09 Nos. programmable recipes with an in-built flow meter made for water and admix. Sprint’s Hydraun Smart simplifies the complex and intricate production process and helps in automation control and management especially aiding the construction industry with its automatic batching system model. It has a single or double PT measuring system. It is also compatible with PWD SCADA. It is equipped with 7 different MIS reports and cloud-based storage data.

  • Genius

Genius is the most exceptional and versatile Concrete Mix Automation Controller. It is completely configurable and a flagship controller manufactured by Sprint. Genius is composed of eight in-built weighing channels, two in-built flow controllers, eight LED display windows, 16 keys, 24 IO, and a two-line LCD display. This exquisite controller is loaded with a robust software that takes care of the entire auto operation being executed in the plant irrespective of what design it is made up of. Some salient features of this product are Built-in weigh indicators, output status indicators in the front panel, PC keyboard interface, and connectivity to an online printer. Along with these features, it has a Data logging facility, web camera, SMS & emailing facility, PC connectivity, and a Fully automatic plant operation facility.

  • Tusker-SCADA

Tusker SCADA is an ensemble of PLC indicator Computer SCADA prominently manufactured to upgrade concrete batching control panel. It has the facility of online monitoring and remote access.  The Tuskar series of products include Tuskar Tiger 60 L, Tuskar Tiger 60 R, Tuskar ATS 120 F, Tuskar Lion with PLC & SCADA F. Sprint provides an absolute range of plant and automation solutions for Concrete Batching Plant from 60m3 to 240m3. Being one of the largest and well-known OEM suppliers in the market for producing batching plants, Sprint Consys offers complete plant operating solutions providing real-time batching control on a computer screen. The PC Screen illustrates the animated plants giving it a real feel of the operation of the plant to be undertaken with online information and control. With the use of this system series of reports like the Precaution report, Docket Report, Consumption Report, Inventory Management Report, etc can be derived to monitor the functioning of various processes.

  • Smartcon V2-SC-13-22101

The Smartcon V2-SC-13-22101 is an easy-to-use but very powerful automation panel designed for rugged and continuous use. Some of its salient features include 2 weighing, 2-time channels, a bucket home input for an autocycle, and a semi-automatic operation. It is equipped with both Auto and Manual operation and each batch has 99 cycles.

Conclusion- The Indian Construction Industry is expected to grow at a rate of 5.6% this year. With its rapid progress and development, it is important to adhere to the latest technological advancements that aid in leveling-up the production and manufacturing process with Construction Equipments that are second-to-none. Sprint Consys Pvt.Ltd offers stellar solutions for the Construction Industry with a spectacular range of Automation Controlling Products for efficient execution, measurement, and control of various processes.

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