Automation and Digitalization are playing a crucial role in evolving the world as they are touted to be enhancing the productivity of the mining industry. With technological advancements streaming across industries, the mining industry in India is maturing over the last few decades and is all set to explode with demands on the rise for essential mining resources. Automation has changed the way companies act and transformed the perception and need for sustainable mining in the country. Currently, the mining industry is facing a set of unique challenges like leveling up the production or pulling down the costs and withholding the health and safety of their workers, safeguarding the available fixed assets, and conserving the environment. People working in the Mining Industry often tend to put their lives at risk, as they have to penetrate deep underground and work in dangerous conditions to bring those precious elements to the surface. Let us interpret how automation is changing the face of the Mining Industry in India.

● Automation emphasizes on monitoring more than maintenance
With the use of Automation processes, the health & efficiency of the machinery is thoroughly monitored. A lot of resource extraction firms invest huge capital in procuring heavy machinery; a malfunction in any of which imposes an acute threat to productivity but also brings forth outbursts of hefty maintenance costs. Big players in the Mining industry are pouring out their faith in Automation processes to bring about a splurging effect on their production volumes. These technological innovations can alert the workers and team members if there is an equipment failure or glitch which is about to occur within the next few days or months in the mining process. Also, the current talk of the town is the Digital Twin technology; it potentially deploys sensors that can recreate physical assets and the conducive environments within which they function. These systems assemble and analyze information pertaining to a machine in real-time, and allows all business owners to optimize their usage and prevent the glitching before time.

● Automation Mitigates adverse Impact of Mining on Health, Safety & the Environment
The 21st century is making the Mining industry adhere to stringent laws that reduce the adverse effect of mining processes on human health and safety. Concerned and discerning customers often compel prominent companies to work towards this goal with utmost devotion if they wish to succeed. Although most of the firms in the Mining Industry work towards this goal since its inception, technology and Automation make it even easier and achievable. RFID-enabled wearables have an unflinching ability to store crucial information about miners’ along with pre-existing medical conditions and emergency contacts, if at all a need arises.
● Automation helps in leveraging Data for Decision-Making
One inevitable and valuable contribution made by Automation and technology to the world of business is the ability to take better decision. Automated and Digitized geological data has promptly alerted various organizations providing insights into the trends and patterns. Especially the Mining industry where certainty and precision is of utmost importance proper insights of the execution of processes provide an advantage leveraging improvement in operations and develops the Mining Industry at large. Majorly, mining operations can easily collect and analyses data about specific part of their activities. Ventures are now increasingly shifting their focus from individual elements of the equation to the bigger picture expanding their landscapes. Once the companies successfully step into the potential of integrated data, a competitive edge can be achieved pertaining to the areas of safety, maintenance, compliance, fleet movement, and resource allocation.

● Automation effectuates round-the-clock operations
The expedience of Automation is certainly on the rise and the mining sector is said to be waking up to its potential. Autonomous machinery is increasingly becoming prevalent in mining operations, major companies are inclining towards finding value in switching to driverless trucks especially for their iron ore operations. GPS is used in these vehicles to achieve precision and to be able to navigate the mines and prevent accidents by instilling radar and laser sensors. This way, Not only costs are cut by about 15%, but the ability to foresee and predict with Automation & technology has led to a steady rise in the productivity of Mining Industry.

Automation backed by Technological innovation is ushering into a whole new era with respect to the mining sector. As majority of corporates, consumers, and lawmakers getting acquainted of the importance of intricate mining practices, digitization withholds a lot of promise for the future. Sprint Consys offers a gamut of Process Automation Products and Solutions that are a driving force leading to the evolution of Mining Industry.

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