Importance of Weight indicator in for Batching plant.


Weight-indicator is available in plants that batch-blend bulk products. The process of batching relies on combining accurate amounts of components to achieve a specified type of concrete. Producing results relies on accurate proportioning and weighing of materials before they are even put in the mixer. Hence, weigh batchers gain reputation as crucial components in the production of concrete.

Weight indicators function in one of two ways in batching plant are manual and automatic indicator.

Manual weight indicator in a batching plant is time-consuming operation in which ingredients are weighed individually before being charged to a blender or other process vessel. Mechanical weigh batchers are dial-type scales that use springs to measure weight. These weight batch were once the standard for the industry and are still used in some older plants. They are still used at a plant, it is to serve as a backup for an electronic scale.

Automated weight indicator are great for small as well as large operations, it leads to increased productivity, more-accurate measurement of ingredients (resulting in better product quality), minimization of product loss and dust, and reductions in the cost of materials purchased in larger containers and/or volumes. It is often integrated with the plant’s bulk handling system, and generally incorporated with pneumatic and/or mechanical conveyors. All upstream and downstream equipment, from receiving to processing or packaging, can be sealed to eliminate contamination of the product and plant environment.

Advantage of weight indicator in batching plant:
Weight indicator in a batching plant are available from many manufacturers. They bring a high level of efficiency to the batching process, offering smooth operation that can be better timed for greater productivity and mix continuity. Specific batch formulas can be entered into the computer to achieve the same results over and over. Also, the computer will display and record what tolerances the plant is batching within. This allows the plant to keep better records and provides documentation of the level at which the plant is performing.


A weight indicator in a batching plant should be engineered according to the number, volume, flowability and location of materials to be weighed, the respective strengths of loss-of-weight and gain-in-weight batching methods, and the new or existing conveyors, control systems and processes with which it will be integrated. The availability of numerous weigh batching components and many ways in which they can be configured, enable the plant engineer to design a system that functions reliably, improves product quality and boosts output while cutting cost. Sprint consys provides equipment for construction automation with latest technology upgrades. Get in touch with our team for your customised requirements.

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