We are in an era where everything has moved towards technological advancement. From mobiles, computers to automated home systems we have upgraded ourselves into a very convenient world.
There is a wide scope of automation in construction industry. Entire construction stages, for instance production of construction material, prefabrication of construction components, on site construction, operation and maintenance of buildings, and demolition and recycling of structures can be done by automated machineries.

Recent advancements in computer related technologies and robotics have helped in developing various innovative equipment for construction industry.

India majorly dwells on second largest man – power in the world, automated technology cannot be used to replace complete human efforts, but its involvement will lead the work to be completed swiftly. Today in the pursuit of quality and time bound work unskilled human labor is being replaced by automation. Automation in construction industry increases the productivity of the project, reduces the duration and arduous work, increases the construction safety, quality of work.

On the basis of application, automation in construction industry can be broadly classified into Civil infrastructure robot applications which involve  road, tunnel and bridge construction whereas second group which is house building robot application majorly focuses on erection of basic building structure, application of cement & concrete along with interior styling.

Some of the fields where automation technology is being used in construction industry

Autonomous Machines

The most usual type of automation in construction is self – driving machines which can be used to transfer material and move heavy items without risking the lives of the workers. Machines are fitted with robotic technology solutions and sensors to operate forklifts, diggers, trucks and other equipment to operate without manual operations.
Providing GPS capabilities and self-operating program which can be operated remotely.

Drones to Survey Working Areas

Another useful equipment for construction automation is a drone device which allows automated monitoring of the construction progress at worksites and workers supervision. It can also be programmed to function automatically to scan any area for potential threats and hazards.

Autonomous Concrete Work

Robotics has found its way into concrete mixing systems. Control systems and robotics are being used to mix concrete, spread cement on surfaces, polish floors, and remove water from surfaces. This also allows companies to prepare precast and ready-mixed concrete products that take a much lesser time to install. Automation reduces material consumption and eliminates the human error that would otherwise go into concrete works. 

Sensors to Collect and Process Data

Sensors are the intelligent devices which help to automate the system. It assists in real time tracking of temperature, elevation, pressure and other conditions. Sensors allow the construction to automate machines and robots according to preferences. Sensors also help in sensing required data while completing a project.

Virtual Reality for Project Planning and Training 

Virtual reality is another important innovation applied in construction industry. 3-D animation of site to simulate a realistic layout that allows the builder to present its structure to the clients. Virtual design over software will give accuracy to lay any project into reality.

Automated construction technology on its continuous and consequent application will decrease the construction period and this will provide large economic advantages. At the same time advent of technology and continuous research and innovations has also made these products user friendly and Indian brands like Sprint Consys  with their wide product range and service has emerged as one of the favorites in the field.

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