Recent advancements in computer related technologies and robotics have helped in developing various innovative equipment for construction industry. Sprint Consys Pvt Ltd is a Pune, India, based company offering a range of process automation products and solutions for Construction Industry.

The company has a dedicated Design and Development team with strong experience in Measurement, Control, Safety and Process Automation. The products developed by them have changed the face of construction work in India. The products designed are rugged and do not get damaged in during the wear and tear at a construction site

The solution provided by Sprint in various aspects of construction process by its application :

I) Concrete Mix –  Batching Plants, Mini and Mobile Batching Plants, Self-loading Transit Mixer, Rd Mixers
Sprint gives a complete plant control and automation solutions for concrete batching plants. We are a leading and largest OEM supplier for batching plant manufacturers. Our Products and solutions are PLC, SCADA, HMI based control and automation panel, Micro controller based control and automation panel, Weigh batch controller, Weight indicator, Water tank level controller, Water dispense controller, Admix dispense controller, Standalone water dispenser, Standalone admix dispenser, Load cells. Mobile and Mini batching plants are added advantage for the construction sites with constraint of space. We offer weigh, batch, flow and control solutions for RD mixers as well.

II) Automation in Brick Making – Machine Process Automation; Aggregate Mixers

Automation solutions for brick making machineries provides complete process control. We have an experience in clay brick making machine automation, fly ash brick making machine automation and form brick making machine automation. Cost effective solutions are offered with use of high-class reputed brand PLC, HMI, VFD and sensors.

III) Crane – Crane weighing, Crane Safety Control.

We provide total weighing solutions for different type of cranes. Large range of weight indicators, load cells, pressure transducers and remote displays are available to meet variable needs in crane sector. To avoid human error and damages caused by it while lifting heavy items, Sprint offers a complete safety control system with a choice of different sensors to suit different crane type and configuration. The system comes with the following: 1. Display unit. 2. A control Unit 3. Load sensors (for Main and Auxiliary hook or Jib). 4. Angle transducer 5. Length transducer (For Telescopic cranes) 6. Anti-two block switch

IV) Material Handling – Earth movers; Material lift

We provide on-board weighing and batching solutions for hydraulic powered equipment like Loader, excavator, dumper, forklift, self-load transit mixer, etc. It determines the weight lifted by measuring the changes in pressure in the lifting hydraulic pistons. Sprint offers a complete safety control system with a choice of different sensors to suit different lift type and configuration to avoid damage to the property due to overloading.

V) Logistic Management

Sprint provides remote control and remote data management for logistics of products like transit mixers, dumpers and trucks used in construction industry.

Sprint Consys Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2002, with the motto of bringing a major change in the automation of construction process. The various automation solutions provided by Sprint not only speed up the process, but also lets them to complete the work with precision and without any damages due to human error.

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